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I believe in the power of mentoring and the good that develops from it. To make a
difference in just one person's life is an incredible feeling and if you believe and
simply try, you can be a better person for it.

Stardust is more then a success story, it is an opportunity to explore and empower
yourself for a lifetime.

The Stardust Arts Story....

Encouragement and drive to take the step into the “unknown and reach for the stars”,and be the best I
could be.  I was given the confidence to move forward.  I had a dream to follow and an honor to bestow
on one very special person that believed in my talents, but how? That dream became a reality in
January 2007, when I started The Stardust Arts and it expanded county wide in May of 2009, with the
support of the Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation and many others.

The origin of The Stardust Arts came when I was approached by a friend from JPL Laboratories asking
if I would be interested in being part of a mission with names to be inscribed on microchips on the
Stardust. Thinking to myself, what a very “cool” thing to do, Cheryl Ehlers became part of
more than 136,000 names collected from around the world that were carried to Comet Wild-2 aboard
the Stardust spacecraft and inscribed on two of the chips on its way to an encounter Comet Wild-2.

Launching on February 7, 1999, the first U.S. space mission dedicated solely to the exploration of
Comet Wild 2, and the first robotic mission designed to return extraterrestrial material from outside the
orbit of the Moon from Cape Canaveral Air Station, Florida, returned after a seven-year, 2.9 billion-
mile round trip,  and not until January 2006, did NASA's Stardust space capsule float down to a landing
in the Utah parachuting a reentry capsule weighing approximately 125 pounds to the Earth's surface of
comet particles.

Today one of the microchips remains inside the sample capsule, returned back to Earth, while the
other microchip remains on the Stardust spacecraft, and will stay in deep space forever. At that time,
The Stardust Arts become a reality, and January 2007 began a new journey in my life.  

Stardust Arts launched in 2009, and I have achieved both personal and professional goals past my
wildest dreams,while reaching out to others.  Honored to be recognized by the
CA State Assembly, and
United Nations, more important to me is sharing and supporting dreams of youth. Focusing on
youth has been at the forefront, and I can honestly say that after teaching over 14,300 students since
2009, I remain amazed and astonished by their accomplishments and love every minute of it, all thanks
to one special person who made a difference in my life.

Welcome to my pride and joy,
The Stardust Arts, and my Mission: to provide children and youth with
skills in visual art that will empower them for a lifetime.

Creativity is Contagious. Won't you care too?
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