"Khevin Barnes as Dr. Wilderness created the longest
running environmental magic show in America. Performing for
35 years, his Emmy-award winning program became a prime-
time family television special on CBS stations.

He performed at the world famous HOLLYWOOD MAGIC
CASTLE for 10 consecutive years and delivered 4,000 live
school shows with corporate sponsorship. Dr. Wilderness Inc.
is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

Khevin is now available as an inspirational keynote speaker
and comedy magician."

We are  proud to be part of The Stardust Arts and looks
forward to the opportunities ahead.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"We believe that an appreciation and applicationof fine art in
its many forms brings great opportunity and purpose to
children world-wide, and Cheryl’s ability to inspire youngsters
is both a welcomed and complimentary addition to our mutual
Khevin Barnes, President
Dr. Wilderness  Show, Inc.

Visit Khevin Barnes ,
"The Dr. Wilderness Show"

Interested in Sponsoring
Interested in
A Student?

Invest in the future of
our children and
provide them the
opportunity to
experience  an Arts
Education in the
development of
creativity and

Just like Magic
is a wonderment to
all, an Art Education
is the basis for
all creativity in the
world today.
We are a visual and performing art
comprehensive  school.  The Stardust Arts has
no peers.”  Marjorie Oliver, Principal of Garrison  
Elementary, Ocs., CA

“I have no doubt that she (Cheryl Ehlers) has
impacted the lives of every one of these
students.  They are better artists for having
shared time with her and this, I believe, will help
them to be more confident individuals in
whatever challenges they have in their future.  
They have gained a belief in themselves in an
area that is a passion for them. "  Mr. Frank
Balanon,  Principal of  Foussat  Elementary,
October 2009.

"Support of the incredible art program - Stardust
Art. After hosting the program at our schools I
can see the enjoyment and interests our students
experienced.  The program developed the
student's personal interests and a greater
appreciation for all the visual arts.  I believe the
program to be a valuable educational
component and highly recommend the program
to you.", Mr. Todd McAteer, Principal, Mission
Elementary, November 2010
This is the reason why we are proud
to be a part of The Stardust Arts.
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